1972 Officers

President: Al Chapman, W6MEO
Vice President: Maurice Piroumian, WA60PH
Secretary: Walt Williams, W6JSO
Treasurer: Jay Bestow, WB6NFN
Trustee: Jay Holladay, W6EJJ
Past President: Walt Ross, W6VPN
Publicity Manager: Harold Wheelock, W6SCW
Emergency Communications Mae: Bruce Kelly, WADER
Station Facilities Manager: Bill Harris, K6KZQ
QSL Bureau Manager: Sam Weaver, WN6EMO
RFI/TVI Coordinator: Jay Bestow, WB6NFN
Education Committee: Gordon Crawford, WB6DRH
Newsletter Editor: Stan Hench, WB6JMP

Club meetings are held on the And Wednesday of each month, at noon, in 238-543. Everyone is welcome to attend.

The Club Board of Directors meet on the 4th Wednesday of each month. Club members are welcome to attend.


Walt Ross, W6VPN, has prepared a full roster of the Club membership, based on your answers to the questionnaire issued late last year. The roster is broken down into several categories, including a Main Roster, an Emergency Roster, a Net Roster, Club Projects, Bands & Emissions, and Class & Instruction Preferences. For brevity, we're printing only the main roster in this issue of W6VIO Calling. If your name doesn't show up, that indicates that you haven't paid up your 1972 dues (Tch! Tch!)... or you didn't fill in a questionnaire.

If the latter was the case, obtain a copy from Walt Williams (183-601), fill it out, and mail it to Walt Ross (238-334).

The "Code" column in the listing can be deciphered using the following key:

bulletFirst letter is class of license held, i.e., E for Extra, A for Advanced, etc.
bulletFirst number is "1" if you have a key to the W6VIO shack; "0" if not.
bulletSecond number is "1" if you are an ARRL member; "0" if not.
bulletThe remaining four digits are membership numbers assigned by alphabetical sequence

Please inform Walt Ross of any errors, omissions, or changes to your listing.


John Dundas, WA6ZCO, will speak to the Club on June lath about legal questions relating to amateur radio. John is the famous attorney from San Marino, who has successfully defended a number of hams in some milestone antenna litigation. More details about this meeting will follow in a bulletin. Plan to be there, and have some of your favorite legal pagers ready for John.


Hans Weber, WA6QJU, has been our QSL Manager for many moons, but the press of work and school has made it difficult to him to do the job justice. Hans tried to submit his resignation quite a while ago but the Board of Directors were naturally reluctant to lose such a good man. Taking the initiative, Hans "volunteered" Sam Weaver, WN6EMO, into assuming the duties of QSL Manager. This action has not been confirmed by the Club President or VIP., but is expected soon.

Sam intends to run business as usual until he gets his feet good and wet; he might then come up with some improvements in operations.

In the meantime, W6VIO has changed QSL bureaus. Our members' cards are now put through W3KT for shipment to foreign stations only. Price per QSL is still 4 cents provided the QSL Manager gets 25 cards or more per shipment. We discontinued our service with World QSL Bureau because some local QSL's didn't get delivered, as promised in World's agreement. In addition, Merv MacMedan, W6IUV, noted that his foreign cards didn't arrive either.

Postage for shipping the batches of cards to the QSL bureaus, by the way, is paid for by our Club.

So, please keep sending your foreign QSL cards (with 4 cents for each) to your friendly QSL Manager in 183-401. The address won't change, even if the Manager does, and you are promised that the cards will be expedited promptly.


Cubex, the Altadena-based quad specialists, has indicated that they will offer Club members a 10% discount if we produce three buyers. Hans Weber is looking for that third man. Contact him ASAP.


Vern Koenig, VKlMT, is an American who went to Australia on the Surveyor Program, and has stayed on, down under. He would like to hold QSO's with JPL hams on 20 meters. To arrange a schedule, it is suggested that you contact him via SCAMA at DSS-42. In case you need help on this, contact Al Chapman, Walt Ross, or Irv Emig for additional hints.


QST for May 1972 notes that W3ZNF has started a news sheet for hams in lower Delaware, mostly FM'ers. He calls it "Squelch" - no news, no bulletin!!

Have you noticed that this issue of W6VIO Calling is not too big?? `Nuff said.


One used antenna rotator, TR-44 or better, in good condition. Call KATHY, 790-3870.


In an effort to help potential members become better acquainted with our Club, this lowly Editor-In-Grief is planning to compile a Club Directory, listing all of the varied activities under way, who is in charge, what facilities are available, and names of personnel who are expert in given fields of amateur radio. This little booklet could be useful to the present members, too, because we have a group of very talented people who never let their light out from under the bushel; it's kinds like only being able to see the tip of the iceberg.

We would be most receptive to any suggestion anyone may have regarding this effort, and would welcome ideas for the type and quantity of information that should be included, We are always QRZ for FB ISOM like this. 73,

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