Board of Directors meetings: 4th Wednesday each month, 12 noon, 198-211

Regular membership meeting for JANUARY 1924 ONLY: Wednesday, January 9th, 12 noon, 180-101 (Conference Room)


It is with great pleasure to announce that the next ARC meeting will be honored by Guest Speaker, Dr. W. Pickering, ex-Z2BL ex-6UE. The meeting for this special event will be held on January 9th at 12 noon in Bldg 180 room 101.


The Lockheed Amateur Radio Club is sponsoring an amateur licensing course beginning Mon Jan 14 from 7pm. to 10 pm and continuing thereafter for 18 Mondays. If interested, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to William G. Welsh (Instructor), in care of the club, 2814 Empire Ave., Burbank.


information on sources for surplus FM receivers in the range from 135 to 137 mHz for the JPL Explorer Post project. Please contact Nash Williams X- 2047 or Earle Bunker X-2929.

Merry Xmas and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR

The new year certainly looks good for W6VIO from here; our Guest Speaker on Jan 9th and the MVM encounter activities. The Club has had a very active & successful year in '73, thanks to it's dedicated membership.


End of the year also means its time to renew membership. Please fill, out the coupon below and give to our Treasurer, M. P. Burnett.

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TO: M.P. Burnett, 201-225 (X- 6441). Poe: $2.00 for one year ($1.00 nonamateurs).

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