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This year the emphasis for Field Day was placed on QRPP operation; that is, low power (under ten watts input.) To give a bit of impetus to this operation, the ARRL rules offered incentives in the form of contact multipliers of 5 points for each contact. The other bonus points were given for using only emergency power, use of batteries only, and no connection of any equipment to the commercial power lines. Use of a natural power source, ARRL message origination and relay provided further bonus points. We have succeeded in accomplishing all of the objectives that we set out to do for this year's operation - that is, to prove we can make a good showing using low power and well tuned, efficient antennas. Those who heartily supported the operation are given our sincere thanks:

Larry Bornhurst, WB6RYT Jerry Hinshaw, WB6ZGQ Dave Stoddard, K61NY
Stan Brokl, K6YYQ       Jay Holladay, W6EJJ   Dick Ulrich, K6KCY
Waldo Brown, W6QJO      Jim Lumsden, WA6MYJ   Ralph West, WB6YMF
Walt Diem, WA6PEA       Merv MacMedan, W6IUV  Hal Wheelock, W6SCW
Ron Fargo               Bob Mueller, K6ASK    Nash Williams, W6HCD
Sue Fredricksen         Stan Sanders, WB6MPM  George Williamson, K6YGN
Bob Henning           Horst Schneider, WB6INZ Gil Yanow, K6TOS

Our sincere thanks also go to a group of people outside the club, consisting of Dick Phillips, Claude Cook, Alson White and Bob Yasui, who, working together, made it possible for us to borrow a NASA Solar Array to run some of the equipment. With it, we confirmed that low power contacts could be made using solar energy under emergency conditions. The site was at Mt. Wilson, as usual.

The score of 1900 points broke down as follows:

 229 Voice QSO's
  90 CW QSO's
  x5 Low-power multiplier
1595 contact points

Plus bonus points of No Mains (100); Use of natural power (100); Publicity (50); Message sent (50); Message handled (5); Add 'em up and you get 1900.

For the statistically minded, we contacted 23 states and 2 Canadian provinces. Three transmitters were used ... two Argonauts (2 watts input each) and one TR-22 (1 watt input.) By comparison, last year we operated six transmitters and had a total score of 1108. That five times multiplier really helped!


Remember the TR-22 that was stolen from Maurice Piroumian, WA6OPB? Word is that it was found and returned to Maurice by the El Segundo Police. The crystals were gone, and the serial number rubbed off, but Maurice was still able to identify it and claim it. Good news, Maurice.


We are all aware the Editor-in-chief, Elmer McMillan is in Dakar, Senegal, at this writing. However, several other members are either overseas or planning to go very soon. Visiting the middle east at present is Earle Bunker, W6MVY. Visiting New Zealand is Jesse Ball, who has secured an alien operating permit from his host government and expects to operate as W6BFO/ZL1BFN. He will be looking for his pals here on 20 SSB. (If anyone else is interested in such a trip and would like to have further information on reciprocal licensing with New Zealand, contact Gordon Crawford, WB6DRH, Ext. 5497. He has applications.) Planning a trip to Curacao is Chas. Weir, W6UM. Any others planning to be DX?


The following interesting brainteasers came from The Houston Amateur:

1. Study this circuit.

What is the output voltage across the capacitor?

2. Logic Quiz from WA5JDI. (There are enough facts to find all answers, using logic.)

Five houses each of a different color inhabited by men of different nationalities who own five different makes of radios. They each use a different brand of cigarettes and drink different drinks.

  • An Englishman lives in a red house.
  • The Spaniard owns a Swan.
  • Coffee is drunk in the green house.
  • The Ukrainian drinks tea.
  • The green house is to the immediate right of the ivory house.
  • The Old Gold smoker owns a Heathkit.
  • Kools are smoked in the yellow house.
  • Milk is drunk in the middle house.
  • The Norwegian lives in the first house on the left.
  • The man who smokes Chesterfields lives next to the man with a Drake.
  • The Kools smoker lives next to the Collins owner.
  • The Lucky Strike smoker drinks orange juice.
  • The Japanese smokes Parliament.
  • The Norwegian lives next to the Blue House.
  • Question No.1: Who drinks water?
    Question No.2: Who owns the Galaxy?

    Your guest Editor this month was Gordon Crawford WB6DRH. Hope to see Elmer back for July issue. Those of you planning vacations next month, Bon Voyage. 73.

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