Regular Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of each month, 12 noon, 238-543. Open to all. THE NEXT MEETING WILL BE ON JUNE 12. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Board of Directors: 4th Wednesday of each month, 12 noon, 198-211. Open to all club members, THE NEXT BOARD MEETING WILL BE JUNE 26.


Our guest speaker at the meeting of May 8th was Juan Jaramillo, HC1JJ. Juan is President of the Quito (Ecuador) Radio Club, and is on a vacation tour of the U.S.A. with his XYL and daughter. He spoke about amateur radio in Ecuador. Particularly interesting was the strong role played by the Quito Radio Club in obtaining and maintaining government cooperation in amateur radio affairs. Juan then answered a nearly unending series of perceptive questions from the audience, and gave equally perceptive answers. We than Juan very much for foregoing a half-day at Disneyland with his family in order to be with us! Watch for HC1JJ on 20 meter SSB after his return to Quito on May 28. Buen viaje, Juan!


Your dedicated Editor, Elmer, will be spending the last half of this mouth and the first half of June at Ames Research Center, Sunnyvale, Calif., to help install and test Section 823's Imaging Radar science experiment on NASA's Convair 990 aircraft.

The equipment consists of 3-band chirp radar, antenna arrays, optical recorders, and a magnetic tape recorder. Basically, the end product consists of continuous aerial photographs of the earth's surface acquired by radio waves rather than light. Of course, the radar system is synchronized with the aircraft ground speed and the data is correlated to the on-board navigational system.

Since Elmer is also one of the operators, he will be leaving with the plane from Ames on June 17th for Dakar, Senegal (West Africa) to participate in the GATE (GARP Atlantic Tropical Expedition.) Briefly, this mission is part of a large scale international endeavor to find a way to accurately forecast weather two weeks in advance, The plane will operate from the Dakar base for 3-1/2 months, with two intermediate plane maintenance periods scheduled in Mallorca, Spain. We won't see Elmer again till the middle of July for a brief visit, then he will disappear again in August to return in late September.

We're hoping very strongly that Elmer will be able to get on the air from 6W8-land, as a number of club members could dearly use a 6W8 QSL! Progress toward that end will be reported in future issues. Keep tuned in.

In Elmer's absence, please bear with us. We hope to put out W6VIO CALLING during his trip with volunteer editors. Therefore, volunteers, stand up and let the President know you exist! This month's gem was produced by Merv MacMedan, W6IUV. It's the only one he will do. Next?


A Drake TR-72 2-meter FM transceiver (not a TR-22 as recently published in a meeting announcement) with serial number 730586 was stolen from member Maurice Piroumian, WA6OPB. It was ripped off while his car was parked at the Hughes parking lot in El Segundo. It was equipped with crystals for the following channels and repeaters:

146.16/146.76 W6ZGC   147.69/147.09 WR6AAA
146 22/146.82 WR6ACD  147-90/147.30 WR6ABE
146:28/146.88 WA6SIN  New Army MARS channel
146 34/146.94

While the crystals were installed, none of them were tweaked onchannel, Maurice had only gotten the gear set up the day before! Any information on this equipment should be given to Maurice. His home phone is 248-3564.


. . . to Ruthann Klimberg for following in her husband's footsteps and getting her own license. Ruthann operates as WN6EFJ in Arcadia, while ON Joe, WA6FDP, proudly lets her use his gear.

. . . to Bill Weber, W6HNQ, who can now officially use the handle "Doc" although he prefers "just plain Bill." Bill has had a lot happen in the past few weeks. He got his PhD, from CalTech, moved to a new house in La Canada, and has a new baby in the family. (No wonder W6HNQ hasn't been on the air much lately!) Best wishes, Bill.


A reel-to-reel code tape for speeds up to 13 wpm is available to members. It is a "Revolutionary New Word Method to Learn Code" by Russ Farnsworth. The recording is monophonic at 3-3/4 ips, and was made for club use through the courtesy of Bill Carpenter, WA6QZY. Joe Klimberg, WA6FDP provided the record from which Bill made the tape, To borrow it, contact Walt Diem, WA6PEA, Secretary, X3186.


There are a number of 7" reel code tapes (3-3/4 ips) available for code practice or dubbing onto other recording forms. 0 to 13 WPM is covered through a series of tapes, which can take the beginner through Novice/Technician class up to General. Give it 15 to 30 minutes a day and be ready to take your license exam! They are available for loan to club members by contacting Gordon Crawford,, WB6DRH, X5497.


The JPL Library has a nearly complete, bound set of QSTs. Issues missing are December 1971 (Vol. 55, No. 12) and April, 1972 (Vol. 56, No. 4) You may furnish the missing links by calling Joan, X2883. These QSTs are available to anyone at JPL.


Some time ago, Jerry Hawkes, W6WXL, gave notice that his busy work schedule this year would not permit him to organize and run the annual Field Day the club has traditionally participated in from its Mount Wilson site. Fortunately, two club members felt that we just couldn't do without field day,, and took the bull by the horns. They are busily getting arrangements made for W6VIO/6 on June 22 & 23. Interested in having a smog- free ball? Contact Gordon Crawford, WB6DRH, 1 54979 or Gil Yanow, K6TOS, X 2166 for current information.


For the last three years, your club has operated a hot dog stand at the annual JPL Picnic. This year will be no exception, and dogs will be available at 40 cents each. "Profits" from the operation help keep the club operating with our minimal dues, Thanks to Ralph West, WB6YMF, who got this year's ball rolling with the contribution of his Pickup to the cause,, and to Jay Bastow, K6CV, who is organizing the activity, we can be sure of a good operation on July 13. Nevertheless, help is needed to set up the stand, to sell hot dogs during the picnic (volunteer an hour or so ... the family won't mind that much!) and to tear down. Be a part of one of the biggest ERC affairs. Call Jay at X 2500 now!


On April 4, Jay Holladay, W6EJJ, and Pete Hoover, W6APW, spoke to the Lockheed Radio Club in Burbank on AMSAT/OSCAR. It went over so well, we were invited to do another one at the Lockheed Hamfest on May 18. This time "Skip" Reymann, W6PAJ chaired the affair, with Norm Chalfin, K6PGX and Dave Clingerman, W6OAL, helping. In another speaking engagement, Jay Holladay and Walt Diem, WA6PEA, spoke on the Mariner Venus Mercury Project to a group of students at Hogan High School, Vallejo, and to the North Bay Amateur Radio Association,, in Vallejo, May 17 Interestingly enough, this invitation came about from a QSO with WS6MVM during our commemoration activity, where Walt was operating. His description of the mission was so interesting, they just had to hear the whole story!


WANTED: Hewlett-Packard HP-35 Calculator. Will Buy or trade two-way radio, test equipment, Hi Fit etc. E. J. Hokanson, 6517 N. Atwahl Dr., Milwaukee, Wis. 53209 414-352-2336.

CODE CLASSES There has been a growing demand for code practice classes in the range of 5-13 wpm. Want classes at noontime? 160-meter code broadcasts that could be picked up on a transistor BC radio? Make noise! Call Gordon, WB6DRH, Ext. 5497.

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