Regular Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of each month. 12 soon. 238-543. Open to all.

Board of Directors: 4th Wednesday of each month,, 12 noon# 198-221. Open to all club members.

Code Instruction Course

Pasadena City College is offering a code and radio Instruction course on Tuesday and Wednesday from 7 to 9:30 P. the Pasadena High School. The course starts Sept.17, 1974 and includes instruction in code practise, electronic theory, F.C.C. rules and regulations with demonstrations in operating technique's and of ham equipment. No registration fee is required and enrollment is anytime starting with the first meeting. Class is to be held in the Electronics lab in "N" building at P.H.S.

Energy Saving

WWVH, Maui, Hawaii, in an effort to conserve energy Is contemplating a reduction in transmitter output power from 10kw to 5kw on 5, 1.0, and 15 Mhz. Before making the reduction, however, they are soliciting comments from users on the consequences of such a move. Write to:

National Bureau of Standards
Frequency Time Broadcast Services Section
Boulder, Colo, 80302.

Bound Volumes Missing

In a recent 'VIO Calling, we bragged that the JPL library had the entire set of QST in bound form, from 1947 to the present. That encouraged member Gil Yanow, K6TOS to use this capability for some research he was doing. However, he soon discovered that Volumes 154 and 155 ( July thru Dec. 1970, and Jan. thru June 1971, respectively ) are mysteriously missing from our collection. Since the borrower Is most problably a JPL ham, Gil-hopes this newsletter appeal for the return of these volumes of QST to the library will be heard.    Thanks!

ARRL Elections

The Southwestern Division of ARRL is having elections this fall for Director and Vice-Director.

Our station trustee, Jay Holladay W6EJJ, has petitioned for and is running for Vice-Director. He requests your support.

Member activities

Maurice Piroumian WA60PB says hello to all. He follows the club activities through the eyes and ears of this journal. Two meters breaks the monotony during his drive between La Cresenta and Hughes, El Segundo. Contact him on repeater WR6ABE (147.435 in and 149.400 out). At home he works Tahiti and other French stations on 20 meters phone.

For Sale

1 --Swan 140 SSB trans. without P/S $75
    Vertical antenna 18AVQ 80-10 meters $50
                 contact Bob Mac Clellan WA6BNH
                       367-3516 or lab x6080
2--Heath HR-1OB receiver AM, CW, SSB including 100 Khz
   crystal calibrator. 80-10 meters, 3Khz crystal    filter, 'S' meter built-in, etc. $50
 - Heath IM-11 VTVM $15
          contact Gary Stevens lab X3235

Wanted (still)

W6VIO, the station, needs a 75A4 CW filter, Collins 455J series 800hz BW or narrower. Phone Merv X3065


The small portable generator that was used as a back-up for field-day 1973 and later stored In the club trailer is missing. Your trustee would appreciate any efforts to locate this missing unit, It is a red Sears 1100 watt gasoline powered generator type 580/536-1 serial number 0175243 and carries LA NO. 68170. It was also equipped with a 'T' bar handle, Direct any information to Jay Holladay X4443


It's hard to believe it, but your club now boasts about 85 members. The reason it's hard to believe is that so few of you care to contribute to this newsletter. It needs your support. Other members keep in touch through it and what you think everybody knows may be something that others would very much enjoy hearing about, if You would only share it with them. What are you tinkering with these days? Do anything interesting lately? Tell us, too! Just jot down a note about whatever you'd like to get off your chest and send it to ye olde editor, Elmer McMillan, 183-701, Share your ideas with the other 84 of us!

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