Regular Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 12 noon, in Room 238-543. They are open to all.

Board of Directors meet the fourth Wednesday of each month at 12 noon in 198-111. All club members are invited.


Membership dues are aptly named. They are "due" in the month of January and according to the by-laws become delinquent on February First.

Are you delinquent in your dues? If you are, reach into your pocket right now and pull out just $2.00 ($1.00 if unlicensed) and send it with the coupon below to the club treasurer, Jim Lumsden. Needless to say, this priceless monthly newsletter is only sent to those who support the club!


The Board of Directors approved purchase of an ICOM IC-2A 2-meter FM base station transceiver for the club station W6VIO and Races K6CPT-12-X. An additional $40. 00 was approved for two sets of crystals in addition to those supplied. A request from Goldstone for two sets of crystals for the WARP station was tabled for the next meeting. The treasurer reported that: 1) only 44 members have paid their '75 dues; 2) two mechanical filters were purchased for the 75A4 .at a cost of $80. 00; 3) 1975 Domestic and Foreign Callbooks were purchased and placed in the club station, and, 4) club QSL postage of $6. 10 was paid. Norm Chalfin K6PGX volunteered to get out this issue of the Newsletter W6VIO Calling Editor Elmer MacMillan had to resign. Elmer's work will have him away from JPL so much of the time this coming year.


Name ___________ Call ______________
Address ____________________________
Phone Extension ____ARRL Member (yes or no)
Renewal Month ______
1974 JPLARC Member card-number. __________
FCC License Renewal date _________________

Mail to: JIM LUMSDEN Mail Station 233-103; or call ext. 6276 for additional data.


An ICOM IC-21A 2 meter FM base station transceiver will be installed in the club station later this month. It will have crystals in 13 of its 24 channels providing capability for prime repeater, simplex, and RACES frequencies. The rig contains a discriminator meter which can be used to help put other stations on frequency and a -netting switch for putting its own receive crystals on frequency. It also has receiver incremental tuning to bring in signals which are off frequency and a built-in SWR bridge.

Ask one of the officers to check you out on the rig and use it to get acquainted with 2 meters or to put your 2 meter crystals on frequency. Station keys are available from the Secretary, Ralph West.


JPL's club station W6VIO is also licensed as K6CPT-12X as part of the Los Angeles County Disaster Communication Service. When the disaster communication network switched to FM operation about 2 years ago, K6CPT-12X discontinued participation due to lack of FM capability. With the purchase of an IC-21A, the club station will again be able to provide emergency communications between JPL and fire, police, sheriff, and local governmental administrative offices. K6CPT-12X will be the control station for any emergency requiring activation of the JPL mobile emergency communications group.


Many club members have 2 meter mobile capability but there has not been a common frequency that could be used for emergency mobile communications or for intra-club contacts. Since the assigned frequency for our club's station K6CPT-12X is 145. 42 MHz, it is hoped that all club members will crystal up on this frequency.

Note that it will probably only cost $6.00 to obtain crystals for this frequency if you order them now through the Treasurer (see "Group Purchases" in this newsletter).


CRYSTALS for 2 meter and 1-1/4 meter amateur equipment can be ordered via the Treasurer (Jim Lumsden, M/S 233-103, Ext. 6726) at a substantial savings. Actual price depends upon total quantity ordered by the Club ($3.00 to $3.35 each). These prices are not applicable to crystals for commercial service rigs (e.g. Motorola, GE, RCA) or Marine Service rigs. The crystals are made in the USA; but not in Southern California. There is no tax or shipping added to the above prices. You can also buy crystal certificates now at the quantity price and order the actual crystals later.

It is hoped that all club members will crystal up on the club's simplex frequency (145.42 MHz). This is the club's assigned frequency for disaster communications and provides a common, quiet simplex frequency for intraclub QSO's.


The Club presently has a committee that includes Dick Ulrich, K6KCY and Bill Weber, W6HNQ who are studying the feasibility of establishing a club-owned instrument pool for Par of equipment to members on a short term basis. The idea drew overwhelming support when it was brought up at a recent meeting. Being considered for our inventory are instruments that would be used for testing, debugging and initial setups, rather than devices that would be in constant use in one's shack. Examples are a wideband A triggered scope, a frequency counter i.e. netting rigs), a grid dip meter, SWR or Z bridge signal generator, etc... We need your desires, in order of preference, so we can begin with the most useful items first.

TO BILL WEBER 161-228 From _____________________

Date _______________

1. _________________ 4. ______________

2. _________________ 5. ______________

3. _________________ 6. ______________


The last revision to Vol. VI of the FCC's RULES AND REGULATIONS (Jan. 1972 edition has just arrived. An announcement was included which advised that this edition will not be updated. Instead, a revised edition will be published in 1975 at a cost of $5. 35. This represents a 53% increase over the $3. 50 paid for the 1972 edition, or 17. 6% per year. Vol. VI of the Rules includes Part 95, Citizens Radio Service; Part 97, Amateur Radio Service, and Part 99, Disaster Communications Service. The price includes a subscription update service for an "indefinite period which in the past has been 2-3 years. When a notice of publication date is received W6VIO CALLING will report it.


Dave Robinson K7BBO has announced a discount to AMSAT members and members of clubs which are AMSAT club members on KLM Products. He will donate 50% of his profit to AMSAT. Dave's address is 1716 South 8th Street, Tacoma, Washington, 58405 if you are interested.


A set of 5 color slides of Amsat/Oscar 6 and 7 launch and equipment is available at ERC at a cost of $1. 00 per set. Other sets are in the works!


Skip Reymann W6PAJ has published a calender-style booklet that lists all of the Oscar 6 and Oscar 7 Orbital Crossings for the year 1975. The list gives the date and time (GMT) and the West Longitude of each Equator crossing for the year 1975. The Price of the book is $3. All proceeds go to AMSAT. Skip is one of our members. He can be-reached at P.O. Box 374, San Dimas CA., Zip 91773

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