Regular Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 12 noon, in Room 238-543. They are open to all.

Board of Directors meet the fourth Wednesday of each month at 12 noon in 198-111. All club members are invited.


Thank you for your confidence in electing me as President. This is your club. The activities we have and the amount you benefit from the club depends on you. We can accomplish many things this year if you will help accomplish those things which interest you.

Starting next month, Stan Hench will edit and prepare W6VIO Calling for publication. Gil Yanow will assist by gathering the material for the newsletter from the officers, committee chairman and members. Send all material for the newsletter to Gil Yanow at M/S 79-6. including ideas and comments for the club entitled "Letter to the Editor".

I wish to thank Norm Chalfin for generously publishing the last two newsletters in the interim period between Editors.


Please note the new appointments for 1975. Names, phone numbers, and addresses are listed below so that you will know who to contact regarding any club activity. If you have an interest in participating in any specific area of endeavor, call the committee chairman and tell him about your ideas. If there is an area not listed that you would like to chair, let the President know of your interest.

Several of our steadfast members have carried the load of a committee almost single handed for quite a few years. It's good to see some new people taking leadership in these areas. For those who have chaired these positions for so long, we say thanks for undying service and for a job well done.

Position Person Call Ext M.S.
EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER: (Member of Board of Directors) Merrill Burnett K6BER 6441 201-225
TRUSTEE: (member of Board of Directors) Jay Holladay W6EJJ 4443 126-112
IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT: (Member of Board of Directors Merv MacMedan W6IUV 7264 114-122
EDITOR: Stan Hench WB6JMP 2475 169-214
ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Gil Yanow K6TOS 6713 79-6
PROGRAM COORDINATOR: Nash Williams W6HCD 2047 125-224
HISTORIAN: Gordon Crawford WB6DRH 5497 156-142
Delegate Jay Holladay W6EJJ 4443 126-112
Alternate Glenn Berry K6GHJ 2065 144-218
AMSAT/OSCAR: Chairman Joe "Skip" Reymann W6PAJ 9-799-9161 Ext. 205*  
EDUCATION: Chairman Mike Gauthier K6ICS 2126 T-1180-2
JPL PICNIC SUPPORT: Chairman Jay Bastow K6CV 2500 233-201
FIELD DAY: Chairman Stan Brokl K6YYQ 2715 238-420
NASA EMERGENCY NET: Chairman Geo. H.S. Williamson K6YGN 2056 190-247
RACES: Chairman Jay Bastow K6CV 2500 233-201
AIRES SUPPORT: Chairman Walt Ross W6VPN 2456 FTHL-D-403
BY-LAWS REVISION: Chairman Merv MacMedan W6IUV 7264 114-122

* Skip Reyman W6PAJ 953 Avenida Ladera, San Dimas,CA 91773


It is a pleasure to welcome the following hams to membership in the JPL/ARC: Ken Taylor,/WA6GCT, Paul Parker/WB6GTY, Bob Akers/K6CYY, Jim Kahlert/W0CRW, Gene Thom/W6HIT, Jim Fuhrman/WB6HIE, David Whitaker/WA6JDV, William 0. Wood, Jr./WB6FXJ, Vince Wirth/WA6BZB, Art Zygielbaum/WA6SAL, John MacConnell/WB6UQM, Jack Walker/W6ZML, John Walker/WB6MNF, Richard Spear/*, Steve Bednarczyk/ WB6MJK, Stan Sander/WB6MPM, Richard Kolbly/**K6HIJ, John Davis/WB6ASH, Carl Tresnak/w61LT.

Congratulations to Ken Taylor and Paul Parker who recently obtained technician and advanced class licenses, respectively. *Dick Spear expects to be ready for his Novice exam soon.

** Not really a new member! Dick has been in the club for years. He is stationed at DSCC Goldstone and is the honcho who built the 2304.1 MHZ beacon for AMSAT/OSCAR-7. He was present at the Experimenters' Conference in Washington discussing AMSAT/OSCAR-8, for which a new microwave beacon is going to be built. Again it seems Dick has taken on this task!

The sad part of what Dick has accomplished is that FCC has refused permission to turn on the 2304.1 beacon on OSCAR-7 because of some international complications. A letter to FCC from AMSAT currently under consideration, it is hoped, will lead to a rectification of this situation.


FCC Docket 20272 -is a "Notice of Proposed Rulemaking" -- there is nothing in 20282 that is certain to be included in the final Report and Order -- what we as concerned amateurs have to say about it will determine its final form. This Docket was reprinted in its entirety in the January issue of W6VIO CALLING and in the February issue of QST. If a sufficient number of us take exception to specific points and support our disagreement with reasonable arguments in writing to the Commission, there is a greatly reduced chance that the points in question will be adopted.

In addition, we can have a greater chance of influencing the Commission by also submitting a Club response to the proposed rulemaking. In order to consolidate a Club position and prepare a Club response, we need your comments on Docket 20282 by April 21. Send your written comments to Vice-President and Associate Editor Gil Yanow (M/S 79-6). By writing your comments on paper now, to send to Gil, it will help solidify your ideas and provide the draft for your comments to the Commission.

Please organize your comments by topics and provide a descriptive heading for each topic. This will greatly facilitate consolidating your ideas into a Club position. Your personal response direct to the Commission should be organized the same way to help the FCC personnel gather and organize the responses into manageable information.

Power measurements of amateur transmitters is a serious topic of discussion at the FCC these days, as indicated by the closing paragraphs of Docket 20282. So if you have any ideas, be sure to include them in your comments to the Club. Prose Walker is soliciting suggestions for solutions to this problem, doesn't want to wait for Docket comments to hear your ideas. A note to him at 2025 M. St. N.W., Washington D.C. 20554 with your recommendation will be appreciated ... and you won't need to include 14 copies with it!

What happens to the Amateur Radio Service depends on you. Docket 20282 is a proposal which promises to have the most profound effect on the future of amateur radio of any event in recent history. Don't complain later if you don't submit your comments on paper now!

Send your comments on Docket 20282 to Gil Yanow (M/S 79-6 by April 21, 1975.


WWV has commenced with practically no fanfare, propagation forecasts which are updated as often as hourly. Announcements are made at 14 minutes after the hour,, and appear to be a minimum of 24 hours never than the customary solar-flux and A-index indicators (which continue). This could have a major impact on the whole picture of propagation predictions and the amateur need for same. (ARRL Directors' Letter No. 1550).


The ARRL staff has wound up preparation of the long awaited "Special Techniques Handbook." The new manual became available for distribution about the middle of January at 8 cost Of $3.00. It will deal with RTTY, moon bounce, satellite communications', ATV, SSTV, and a variety of other specialty areas not covered in detail in the Radio Amateurs Handbook.


Group Order #2 for crystals will be placed in a week or so - when a total of 100 crystals can be ordered. The price is $3.00 ea. Delivery - 1-3 weeks. If you don't need them immediately but expect to later you can order prepaid crystal certificates at the same price. only crystals for VHF amateur equipment can be obtained at this price. Not for commercial gear. Call Norman Chalfin x6833.

GROUP PURCHASES of IC-22A 2 meter rigs is again being offered at substantial savings - Contact Walt Diem, X3186 before April 15th.

VOLUNTEER WANTED to design and construct 24 hour digital clock for ARC Station W6VIO. Design to be made available -to members for their own stations. Call Walt Diem, - X3186.

WANTED - Prop pitch motor or data on where to obtain one. Call Walt-Diem, X3186.

ARC member Jim Fuhrman, WB6HIE is laid up in the Monte Sano Hospital with bone fractures. The hospital is at 2834 Glendale Blvd., LA 90039. A card or a call from you good Samaritans will probably cheer Jim up no end. The phones at the hospital are 242-4133 (Glendale) and 664-2161 (LA).

If, for reasons of lack of space, we have missed any of your wants this time, please repeat to the new editor for next month's issue.

(de W6EJJ)

CLASS E CB - We appear to have won a temporary reprieve on the question of reallocating a portion of the 220 MHz amateur band to a new Class E Citizens Radio Service. The following is quoted from the FCC's Public Notice issued after the March 6 meeting on Class E CB:

The Commission believes that these three rulemaking proceedings, Dockets 19759, 20120, and 20282, all involve related issues. Principal among these are the amount and location of spectrum space that should be allocated to meet the personal and business radiocommunications needs of the general public. In addition, we believe further discussions with Canada are needed relative to Class E frequencies along our border. Accordingly, we will defer action on Docket 19759 until later in 1975 to permit us to fully develop the requirements and alternative solutions we feel are needed. We are fully aware of the importance of the issues in Docket 19759 and it is our firm intention to conclude this proceeding as promptly as possible.

The Dockets referred to are: 19759 - Class E CB; 20120 - Expansion of Class D (27 MHz) CB: 20282 - Amateur license restructuring. The ARRL continues to place the highest possible priority on the defense of amateur frequencies and will be monitoring the situation closely in the coming months. Meanwhile,, it behooves us to generate as much activity as possible on the 220 MHz band, if we wish to keep it intact!

WWV QUESTIONNAIRE - In response to government-wide efforts to reduce operating costs and conserve energy, the National Bureau of Standards is considering various alternatives for operating radio stations WWV and WWVH. Interested listeners to these stations are being asked to provide information, via a questionnaire., which will help NBS set priorities and guide decision-making processes with respect to these services. Examples of possible changes include the elimination of some broadcast frequencies from WWV and/or WWVH or reductions in transmitted power on some frequencies.

As a result of greatly increased energy costs at NBS Hawaiian radio station, WWVH, comments were solicited from users regarding a proposed 50% reduction of power at 5, 10, and 15 MHz from WWVH only. There were so many objections to this proposal that NBS has decided to explore other possible means of cost and energy reductions. It is hoped that the responses to the questionnaire will allow NBS to provide the services needed most within its financial constraints and at an efficient level of energy use. Thus., it is very desirable that you provide NBS with thoughtful responses to the questions. A copy of the questionnaire can be obtained from Jay Holladay, X-4443, 126-112. Please take the time to obtain and fill out the questionnaire and return it to NBS so that they will be urged to retain the services you consider essential.

RESTRUCTURING - The ARRL survey of membership attitudes and opinions on FCC Docket 20282 is now in the mail. Please return your response to Headquarters as soon as possible to ensure that your views will be included in the tabulation that will be furnished to the Board of Directors prior to their May 15 meeting. Have you read the Docket yet? If not, please do so - our April meeting will be devoted to a forum on the Docket. We want to hear your views!


As of March 14, 85 members have paid their dues (including 14 off -Lab members). The W6VlO Calling mailing list will be updated prior to next month's mailing to delete those whose dues are delinquent., Please forward your $2.00 ($1.00 for Associate Membership) to Jim Lumsden, Bldg. 233, Room 103. If you have paid 1975 dues and have not received your 1975 card, please contact Jim Lumsden, Ext. 6726.


FCC Form 610, Application for Individual Amateur Radio Station and/or Operator License, may be obtained from the Club Secretary, Ralph West, WB6YMF, Ext. 2888.


The event is sponsored by the College of Engineering, University of Davis. (Caltech has two cars entered.) The ralley runs from Monterey to Culver City. Need mobiles and portable stations on 2 meters FMP 40 meters SSB, and 75 meters SSB. For complete information contact Dr. Michael K. Gauthier, K61cs, T-1140, Ext. 2126.


Sunday, May 18, 0900-1800. Mobile units with 145.66/145.30 capability only. Check points will be at Jack-In-The-Box stands on each route. Communicators will receive coupons for free food and drinks while on duty. Routes involved are:

Bikethon is being run for benefit of L.A. County Zoo. Bicyclist participants in each route will be collecting pledges of financial support for the L.A. County Zoo. There are 6 or 7 Jack-In-The-Box check points on each route. Call L.A. County Disaster Communications Service 267-2521. Leave your name with Linda or advise Jerry at K6CPT (or WR6ABQ).


Orders are now being taken by the U.S. Government Printing Office for Vol. VI of the FCC Rules and Regulations Parts 95, 97 and 99. Address: Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington D.C, 20402. Enclose check for $5.35 made payable to "Superintendent of Documents". The subscription fee includes the cost of the 1975 Revised Edition of the manual and supplement service for an indefinite period.


Jess Bell, W6BFO advises that the OSHA Rule regarding ladders etc. on antennas and towers applies only to commercial establishments. Therefore private homes are exempt. Members need not concern themselves with the announcement in QST and HR Reports mentioned in these columns last month. Jess ought to know, he is not only a safety engineer but is also a structural designer in the field of towers. We learned that he designed the KLAC and KHJ towers on Mount Wilson and KRON in San Francisco.


Jess Bell is the proud possessor of 100 solar cells and is assembling a string for battery charging power for ham rigs at home. He is interested in background data and would welcome a call from anyone having knowledge in this area. X-5726


It's time again to start planning for Field Day. JPL is privileged to have an ideal location high atop Mt. Wilson. It is in an area inaccessible to the general public. Last year we placed first in our category, battery operated under 10 W. It would be nice to do it again this year, but Field Day cannot be done without people and equipment.

Also needed are suggestions. Each suggestion can help make an enjoyable outing for all. If anyone has a better location available or ideas on how to make life easier for the one night stay, please feel free to put your 20 worth in. Now is the time to plan.

Nov, please take five and fill out the questionnaire and mail today to Stan Brokl, 238-420.


Your Name ____________ Call ______ M.S. _______
1. Equip. Available: Xmtrs (under 10 W) ___ (over 10 W) __
                     Xcvrs _______________________________
                     Rcvrs _______________________________
                     Ant's ___ Batteries ___ Generators __

2. Transportation Available: Truck ___ Station Wagon _____

3. Natural Power Sources:
        Bicycle & Gen __ Solar Cells ___ Windmill & Gen __
        Whatever _________________________________________

4. Camping Equipment (Tents, etc.): List _________________

5. Willing to Operate:
        Mode; SSB ___ CW ___ VHF ___ OSCAR ___ What Mode?
        Time; 24Hrs __ 12Hrs __ 6Hrs __ 4Hrs __ How Long?

6. If the club provided free of charge your dinner and all the beverages you can drink would you participate? Yes __ No __
        Comments __________________________________________

7. How do you feel about having all the kids, xyl's, dog's or whoever come along as an overnight camping experience?
       Yes ___ No ___
       Comments ___________________________________________

8. Your suggestions:


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