"There sure are a lot of things going on" was the comment I heard in passing after the March club meeting. I was most pleased to hear it and I hope you are also pleased.

The goal I have set for this year is to maintain a high level of activity and participation in club oriented activities. This would seem easy, given the great variety of activities in process, but why is it always the same core of people actively participating in every function? I suspect it is because the key person on each activity knows from past experience just who he can call on for support and assistance, and by so doing he will save uncountable hours on the telephone trying to drum up support. Most of us just do not have the time to devote to calling, So far, general appeals for support for various activities have met with poor response for any number of reasons. The regular club meetings and the Board meetings are just jammed with activities, yet calls for help are largely ignored.

The following list can be kept for reference:

Contesting           Stan Sander, WB6MPM    X2625
Commemorative        Rich Ward, WA6VOG       7226
W6VIO Calling (News) Merv MacMedan, W6IUV    7264
JPL Picnic Support   Ralph West, WB6YMF      2888
JPL Tour             Gordon Crawford, WB6DRH 5497
JPL 220MHz repeater  Walt Diem, WA6PEA       3186
                     Bob Akers, K6CYY        2653
Station Facilities   Jack Patzold, WB6TXG    4926
Oscar Activities     Norm Chalfin, K6PGX     6833
Field Day            Stan Brokl, K6YYQ       2715
Lockheed Hamfest Booth Norm Chalfin, K6PGX   6833
N6V QSLing           Merrill Burnett, K6BER  6441
Microwave experiments Dick Kolbly, K6HIJ  166-296
Teletype             Jay Bastow, K6CV        2500
Programs             Nash Williams, W6HCD    2047
SCRA Meeting host    Bill Carpenter, WA6QZY  6170
Fresno Hamfest       Stan Brokl, K6YYQ       2715
ARRL Liaison         Jay Holladay, W6EJJ     4443

As you can see, we have something for nearly all interests. Please call these key people and let them know of your availability for a given activity. This club is much more than a once-a-month meeting with entertainment!

I feel badly that, as your President this year, I will not be here for some of the most exciting activities. I have always enjoyed Field Day, even as a loner on a boat at Catalina, and I am well aware of just how much it has contributed to my own operating skill (what little I have.) Stan has planned a tremendous event this year in a tremendous location, but he needs help in planning equipment and antennas. Rich is planning a special event to take place in July or August and I'm sure he would appreciate your call indicating support. Gordon's tour is coming up in April and I know he needs people. I, along with several other club members, will be at the Cape for the Voyager (formerly called "MJS'77" launches, and will be able to help only in spirit.

Please, don't get me wrong. Some tasks require no more than one person to accomplish; but some of the more mundane tasks are continually performed by a single person simply because no one else will volunteer. Please! Call the individual activity people and let them know your support. [Anybody want to help your overworked and underpaid editor? .... Ed.]

On a more pleasant note, due to the significant efforts of a few people during 1976, the club is fairly well off financially. The Board needs inputs from members on what facility and station improvements would be most appreciated by the members. We also need a volunteer to troubleshoot an intermittent in the drive circuit of the Collins 32S3 in the trailer. Call Jack Patzold, X 4926.

I am looking forward to working the club members from Florida using my new TS520 (Gloat, gloat.) Bought it just so I could keep up with the active summer I expect at the club here. I'm not sure how good my antenna "system" will be while living in an apartment, but I am confident that the club's TH6DXX up 300 feet fed from the 30S1 will make up for my own shortcomings!

See you at the April club meeting. Put it on your calendar now! There may not be a separate meeting notice due to our continuing effort to reduce ERC costs.

73, Jim WA6MYJ.


On March 12, the Goldstone Amateur Radio Club received their authorization for WR6AZN. They plan to operate both the 93/33 repeater (2 meters) and the 220 MHz repeater (222.44 in, 224.04 out) under this call at Table Mountain. Congratulations and good luck!


The Ground Based Microwave Applications Group (Div. 33) has installed a five channel passive microwave radiometer aboard the Canadian Weather ship "Quadra" for in situ testing. The instrument is being used to determine the feasibility of using passive microwave techniques for determination of liquid water, water vapor and vertical temperature profile of the maritime troposphere. Several JPLers are aboard the ship, for operating this equipment: Jim Beard, Walt Proniewicz, and alternate Steve Bednarczyk, WB6MJK.

The Quadra is located approximately 900 miles due West of Vancouver, B.C. (latitude 50 North, longitude 145 West) and operates in this area which is called "Ocean Station Papa." From Ocean Station Papa, weather and oceanographic information is relayed to the mainland. Also, the Quadra provides air and sea rescue service to the area. The ship has been at sea on its current trip since February 11, 1977, and will return to port on March 30. 1977.

The Quadra has a Ham Shack aboard (VE0MC) which is customarily operated by Mel, the ship's radio operator. Prior to Steve Bednarczyk's boarding the ship, he had made radio contact with Mel on 20 meters from W6VIO. Since that time, Booth Hartley, K6KVC was gracious enough to power up the JPL station each Thursday at 2000 GMT and make radio contact with Steve who is now aboard ship. The best method of connecting with the ship has been through the Confusion Net which operates at that time on 20 meters.

Without a doubt, the person most anxious to talk with Steve each week is his XYL, Terry, who also works in Div. 33, and doesn't complain one bit about the long trip to the W6VIO hamshack at the East Gate to do it!

The word from the ship is that this has been one of their roughest trips. There have been 60 ft. waves and as much as 30 degrees of roll, with green water breaking over the upper decks. [You sure it was only water? ... Ed]. It hasn't been all work and bad weather, though, because they have been able to catch some nice salmon. But all in all, the boys just can't wait to get their feet on dry, solid land! [By Dick Wetzel, WA6JBZ, and Nob Yamane.]


As yet I have received no response from any JPL hams to my appeal in the November, 1976 W6VIO Calling article describing the Amateur Radio Session at the 1977 National Telecommunication Conference. This conference will be in December and papers should be received by May 1, although late papers may still be considered. Please review the list of suggested topics and get in touch with me if you have anything in mind that might be worthwhile to present. And if you are writing a paper but just haven't let me know yet, please let me hear from you. Thanks.

Bill Weber, W6HNQ X 3845.

[Editor's offer: If you have a good paper topic and have all the material, I will be a goody two-shoes and offer my services in editing it for you. This offer is only open to those engineers who can use my help (i.e., those that write worse than I do.) - -Merv, X 7264.]


I had the good fortune to be in town for a change when the last Board meeting was held, on March 23. Here are my unbiased views of what went on, none of which should be construed as official or even true, but might make for interesting reading .....

Jim Lumsden called to order the Board meeting of March 23, 1977. Present were:

Jim Lumsden*   Warren Apel
Dick Piety *   Gordon Crawford
Jack Patzold*  Sam Weaver
Stan Brokl*    Walt Diem
Norm Chalfin   Merv MacMedan
Rich Ward      * = Board member

Written minutes, a luxury which I thought had been lost to antiquity were passed out by the Secretary and approved by the board with minor corrections.

In Ron Ploszaj's absence, there was no Treasurer's report.

Glenn Berry was unanimously approved as the club's Emergency Communications Manager.

A discussion concerning the recent FCC moratorium on Special Event Calls and how this affects our planning for special events this year took place. To support either an N6V anniversary or Voyager launch event would require publicity, which has to go out soon. Rich Ward was asked to look into what possibilities were open, including what could be done with our own call, W6VIO.

Gordon Crawford reported that he now has authorization in hand for the Tour of JPL, which will be by invitation only, to several nearby radio clubs. The limit will be 100-150 visitors, and guides and helpers are needed. The event will be held on April 14 at 7pm sharp, starting at the Von Karman auditorium and circulating to a number of sites in small groups where operations will be explained by the people in charge of each location.

A proposed revision to the By-Laws was presented. Basically, it would allow student members to join (from any institution) for $1 per year. It was decided that since the sponsor of the revision was not present for discussion, it would be referred to a committee consisting of Nash Williams, Jay Holladay, Jack Patzold and Stan Brokl to study and make recommendations next month on how to handle the question without revising the By-Laws, if possible.

Walt Diem announced that since we now have a repeater, we become full members of the Southern California Repeater Association and the dues go up to $16 please pay, Mr. Treasurer! We are still searching for an enclosure for the repeater, and Warren Apel is handling a group purchase for 220 rigs which should be ready by the time you read this. Price is $135 plus $10 per channel for crystals. Group discounts also available on antennas - see Walt X3186 or Warren Apel, K6GPK, X 7733.

Stan Brokl announced Robot would lend us a Model 400 Slow Scan machine for the Burbank Hamfest, and that JPL will be dominating the Fresno hamfest because four of the four speakers are all from JPL! Then Stan dropped the big one and announced he would run for Los Angeles Section Communications Manager (SCM) of ARRL when elections are held in a few months.

The meeting adjourned at 1:03Pm.


The January 1, 1977 roster of the Southern California Repeater Association reports that all 220 MHz repeater channels have been assigned to at least one system. 18 of these systems are in test status and therefore are not listed. The following list of operating repeaters may be of interest to the growing number of 220 devotees:

In / Out      Call   Location
222.30/223.90 WR6ANF Van Nuys
222.32/223.92 WR6ANW Santa Barbara
222.34/223.94 WR6AER Los Angeles (Highland Pk.)
222.36/223.96 WR6AFI Santa Barbara
222.38/223.98 WR6AFG Pomona (Johnstone Pk.)
222.46/224.06 -RESERVED FOR MEXICO
222.50/224.10 WR6AHX Santa Ana
222.54/224.14 WR6ANI Long Beach (Linked with WR6AEY, Mono)
222.62/224.22 WR6AAC Long Beach
222.68/224.28 WR6AKU Palos Verdes
222.70/224.30 WR6ABR Los Angeles (LA RACES)
222.76/224.36 WR6ABC Los Angeles
222.78/224.38 WR6AVQ Carson
222.82/224.42 WR6AAA Catalina Island
222.84/224.44 WR6AOY South Pasadena (RACES)
222.86/224.46 WR6AKY San Diego (Linked w/ARO)
222.86/224.46 WR6ARO Glendale (Linked w/AKY)
222.90/224.50 WR6ACB Anaheim
222.94/224.54 WR6AID San Diego
223.02/224.62 WR6ADL Hawthorne
223.06/224.66 WR6AIZ Lemon Heights
223.14/224.74 WR6ABJ Los Angeles (Hollywood Hills)
223.20/224.80 -RESERVED FOR MEXICO- (Under Debate)
223.26/224.86 WR6ACJ Crestline
223.28/224.88 WR6AOF Blue Ridge (Near Wrightwood)
223.30/224.90 WR6AHW Altadena
223.34/224.94 WR6AJI Los Angeles (Mt. Wilson)

Please add our own repeater for reference:

222.44/224.04 WR6APQ JPL

We omitted all repeaters on the SCRA list marked "private." We try to be careful, but don't buy xtals on the basis of the above list without checking! Tnx.


Scope, DC to 8 MHz, triggered sweep. Heath 10-14 with probe PKW-2. Excellent condition. $150 or best offer. Walt Ross, W6VPN 343-0660 or X2456.


PARABOLIC Dishes, spun aluminum, without antennas or mounts: One 12-footer with two-piece fiberglass windscreen, $300; One 8-footer with two-piece fiberglass windscreen, $150; and two 4-1/2 foot dishes each with a very rugged foldable tripod, $50 each. You arrange transportation. We can supply photos and additional details. Contact W. A. Monahan, K6KH, Trustee, Northrop Radio Club, Dept. 1263/5, 3901 W. Broadway, Hawthorne, Calif. 90250, or call days (213)-970-6064 or nights (213)-374-8289.


Former JPLARC President Allan K. Chapman, W6MEO, has decided to pack it in, in smogsville, and head North. After the beginning of April, those who desire to correspond with Al may write him at P.O. Box 543, Santa Rosa, Calif. 95402. We'll miss you on 2 meters, Al, but hope you'll get a chance to drop in and say hello on HF or in person. Good luck at the new QTH!


Club Secretary, Jack Patzold, WB6TXG, decided to fix up some of the sagging antennas and clean up the trailer. So, he asked for volunteers at the club meeting of March 10 for a work party to do those things on March 12. Who showed? To start with, the Facilities Manager (who happens also to be Club Secretary) plus Jim Lumsden, (who also happens to be Club President) and Sam Weaver (who also just happens to be club Librarian.) They got the 80-cw/40 phone inverted vee up, but there is much more to do. Why is it that only the most loaded members show up for ad-hoc tasks like this? Jack asked around to find out how other clubs managed to get volunteers to clean things up, and discovered they don't! They draft their labor! So, remember that next time Jack asks for volunteers ... if he doesn't get them, he may get you!


On January 1, 1977, the FCC was required by court order to suspend all fees for licenses. This decision was reached as the result of a suit brought against the FCC by cable TV and other interests who had charged that the FCC's entire fee structure was arbitrary and thus improper.

Some of the implications of this decision, this observer believes, reach far beyond just the cost aspect. Until fees were suspended, cost to the applicant was one of several factors limiting the quantity of applications descending on the FCC. With cost eliminated, a great many more people started asking for additional licenses, many of which they probably would never use. Examples are second station licenses, special event licenses and even special 2-letter calls.

We heard of one applicant who tried to secure a current call in each of the 50 states for himself, and one who did the same with each overseas territory. The former may be trying to protect his call in case he later has to move somewhere, but the guy getting calls in each possession was probably coupling the fee suspension with the recent deregulation eliminating the need to sign "portable" or "mobile" when away from the fixed location. Thus our friend can use his KP4, KJ6 or other DX call right here in California (ho-hum. land) thus confusing the dickens out of the JAs and others thinking they hooked some rare(?!) DX.

Perhaps we've had too much deregulation. I have always believed you get what you pay for. If licenses are free, perhaps that is exactly what they are - or will be worth. Perhaps one way of restoring order would be to charge the minimum fee (say, 34) to everyone from broadcast down, for any kind of license. This would prevent the poor overloaded FCC from caving in by establishing a minimum financial barrier to license requests, while showing no bias or preference to one service over another. We recommend that ARRL petition the FCC to do something to bring things back to normal before, as one club member remarked at a recent meeting, "they deregulate us to the point where we are wallowing in chaos; and then the FCC's only alternative will be to say they must abolish the Amateur Radio Service because it is impossible to control." [W6IUV]


It is time again to prepare for Field Day. This year will be first year of a new location for this club activity, and a new format.

1977 Field Day will be a joint venture of the Goldstone and JPL Amateur Radio Clubs. The location will be near JPL's Table Mountain facility in the Angeles Forest, with an elevation near 8000 ft.

The JPLARC will furnish a steak dinner and a ham and egg breakfast. To help assist in the purchasing and cooking of the dinner and breakfast, non-operator club members or interested XYL gourmets are encouraged to volunteer their expertise for this big event!

This year, we will run in the 200-watts-and-under power class, and use generator power. CW ops are encouraged to join us to make up the high score we will need to win. SSB phone ops, plus guys for 6 meters, 2 meters and 220 kHz are all needed too! Bring rigs and antennas!

Please fill out and return the attached slip so that plans can be made for this June 25-26 event. Please return by April 29th.

Note: IF YOU DON'T FILL OUT A SLIP, WE WON'T BE ABLE TO PREPARE YOUR FREE MEALS. When you've finished, mail the slip to Stan Brokl, Mail Stop 238-420.

73, Stan, K6YYQ

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