According to a report by HR Report (No. 162) your newsletter took top place in its category in the Amateur Radio News Service 1977 Publications Contest. Winner in the "multiple club" category was the AMSAT Newsletter (G3ZCZ/W3, editor). As editor, I feel very proud to share this award with all JPLARC members, but especially with those who, by contributing articles and ideas, made this newsletter what it is. I expect to receive an official notice soon with more details and hope to have more news in the next issue. [N6NO]


The FCC, in another move to "deregulate" the amateur radio service, has dropped the CW sending test for all Commission-administered exams. This is supposed to shorten exam time and relieve the requirement for the examiner to be able to copy CW. However, Novice exams still require a CW sending test, administered by the volunteer examiner, "to weed out really bad fists." Will this spell the doom of CW? Let's wait for a year and see if we will be able to copy anybody on CW! [Tnx HR Report]


ARRL blames the computer again for an error in mailing out the regular ballots for election of Section Communications Manager in the LA Section. It seems that unmarked ballots were sent to many more addresses than merely those in the LA Section; when they were returned, there was no way for HQ to tell which were legal and which were from another section. So, they destroyed the first ballots and sent another set. These new ones (yellow cards) must be returned so they are at the ARRL office by September 23, or sooner. Our club has a somewhat vested interest in this election, since our Director-at-large, Stan Brokl, K6YYQ, is one of the candidates. But there are two on the ballot, and we urge you to exercise your right ... but do it right away!


Summertime is when most people prefer to move. But if you have done so recently, don't forget to file your change of address with the FCC. Temporary changes no longer have to be recorded, but permanent changes require notification on FCC Form 610. The Club Secretary, Jack Patzold, has copies of the recently updated (Feb. '77) Form 610 if you need one. Remember, all filing fees have been suspended, so it doesn't even cost a thing to abide by the rules! [Tnx W6HCD]


Having been involved with W6VIO for approximately two years, it has become apparent that our club is plagued with a deficiency that is a problem with most clubs, both on and off lab. The deficiency I refer to is that 90% of the work is accomplished by 10% of the membership.

In the past three months, several activities have required the support (tedium labor) of "volunteer" members. As Facility Manager for the club, I became aware that the more interest a member had in a particular area of work, the easier it was to recruit him.

Nobody in his or her right mind would want to get up at 7 am (PDT) on a Saturday, drive ten to twenty miles to hike from the Mesa vertically down 500 feet of heavy brush in 95 0 heat to drive steel stakes in the ground using a 25-lb. sledge hammer. However, unbelievable as it seems, there are those who will give up some time, energy, and without consideration of state of mind, show up at 8 am to contribute whatever is asked of them. My point is, these people are usually the same people for every work party.

If a member has the ability to complain about certain deficiencies in the club stations, functions, or operations, this member can and should become an active participant in the improvement of the overall club. All of us have committed 200% of our time to various activities, but in order to accomplish the amount of work needed to maintain two W6VIO facilities, more support from the general membership is needed. Remember this the next time a work party is announced!

Special thanks to Merv MacMedan, N6NO, for repair of the Collins 32S3, and to Steve Brown, WA6LAD and Rich Ward, N6BF, for their help with the repair of the antenna system for the trailer. [Ed. Note: ... and despite the struggle, we all appreciate the great job you have done by keeping the facilities operational in spite of wind, rain, rodents and klutzes, Jack! Volunteer your help to Jack at X 4926 next party!]

WR6APS - AT JPL by Booth Hartley, N6BH

New Club Repeater Call. Users of the club's 220 repeater will notice that the call sign has been changed from WR6APQ to WR6APS, as of August 22. The original licensing showed APQ to be a test station at JPL and APS to be the operational open repeater. When the APQ ID keyer "went south" (could anybody copy the 60-wpm?) it provided the impetus for the final shift of call letters. The APQ call will be used for the linking repeater between JPL and Table Mountain (see below.) The change has already been submitted to the Southern California Repeater Assn., and ARRL will be notified that they will have to change their repeater directory. A side benefit for RACES members at JPL is the ending of confusion between the calls of the two repeaters APQ and ABQ.

Linking Repeater Location Sought. Bill Wood of the Goldstone Club and Walt Diem are working on equipment for the linking repeater which will provide a selectable link between the JPL open repeater and the Goldstone Club's repeater WR6AZN on Table Mountain. We are still seeking a suitable location where both repeaters can be accessed and where the Santa Barbara repeater (on the same frequency as AZN) cannot be keyed up. The optimum location will probably be in the San Gabriel Valley, perhaps in the Covina area. It would also be best if it is NOT located at the home of someone who uses 220 because the strong local signal will block 220 reception ("desense"). Can any of our HF hams provide a spot?

Autopatch status. Construction is progressing. Bill wood is working on the multicoupler receiver. This unit is crucial to the plan to share one antenna between the autopatch and open repeater.

Unidentified Operation. We again request that all users of the WRAPS repeater always identify properly. If a user keys up the repeater merely to see "if it's there", we still request that he identify legally, for example, "W6ABC testing." The club has an obligation by the FCC regulations to prevent unlawful use of the repeater, and unidentified transmissions violate FCC regulations. The word "testing" should indicate to other listeners that no "CQ" is intended, and that the station probably wants to listen only. We suspect that the unidentified transmissions are coming from outside the club users. If necessary, the club can protect itself by requiring modulation to activate the repeater (e.g., "VOX") or some other devious scheme, but we'd rather not. Please help us discourage unidentified "key-ups." Your attention is also called to the fact that if you are in an area where you are having difficulty getting into the repeater, it has been found beneficial to talk more softly than usual (or hold the mike further from the lips) which puts more energy inside the repeater passband.

New calls on the repeater:

WA6HIJ - John W6SPK - Al
WA61LQ - Mike W6TKS - Joe
W6NUI - Tom WA6WYP -
W6RUO - Frank


Heathkit HF transceiver, SB-101 or 102, and SB-640 external LMO. Cliff Moore, K6KII, 572-3284 days.

SORRY this issue is so short, but even Editors need vacations. Keep your ideas and articles coming!


Because of additional gain on 20 meters (stacked beams at 60 and 120 ft on 20 meters) W1AW's signal is much better on the West Coast. Their code practice schedule is as follows: (All times PDT)

Slow Code (5-15 wpm) Fast Code (35-10 wpm)
6 am M W F           6 am TuTh
1 pm TuThSaSu        1 pm M W F
4 pm. M W F          4 pm TuThSaSu
7 pm TuThSaSu        7 pm M W F

CW Bulletins are also a good source of code practice at 18 wpm. These are sent at 7am and 2pm, Monday thru Friday, and every day at 5pm and 8pm.

Frequencies for all CW transmissions are;

1835 7080 2l080
3580 14080 28080 kHz.

RTTY Bulletins, a good way to check your copy of the 18-wpm CW Bulletins, are sent at 8am and 3pm. Monday thru Friday, and 6 and 9pm every day, on 3625, 7095, 14095, 2lO95 and 28095 kHz. [Tnx W6HCD]


This year, the Southwestern Division of ARRL will again hold their convention in Santa Maria, Calif. The dates for this second-largest ham get-together in the land is October 7, 8 and 9, 1977 (Columbus Day Weekend.) There will be speakers, swapmeet, contests, forums, and the famous "Santa Maria BBQ." Parking is available for RV's and plenty of hotels are also nearby. Brochure describing the event and registration forms are available from Jay Holladay, W6EJJ, X4443. Advance registration (314 incl. the BBQ) closes October 1. FCC will also be there to administer exams. It's the greatest - don't miss out! [Tnx W6EJJ]


"Engineering 4065" called "Amateur Radio Licensing" will again be offered at Pasadena City College, Pasadena, beginning Sept. 13. It meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 to 9:30Pm in the PCC Electronics Lab, V202. It will cover beginner through Novice through General, and there is no tuition fee. It is open to anyone 18 years of age or older, or high school seniors. For info, call PCC at 578-7267, or the instructor, at 578-7250. [Thanks W6EJJ]


In last month's issue, in the item about modifying your 220 MHz rig to improve sensitivity, Mike, WA61LQ points out that some rigs may have the board labels for TR1 and TR2 interchanged, so be sure you have the right stage unless you are making both changes.

Also in last month's issue's Field Day chart, N6MP informed me that we listed the 2-meter score under "10 meters" and that the 10-meter score should have read 33 on CW, 78 on SSB for a total of 111. The bottom line totals were printed correctly.


The Board meeting of August 24 had Rich Ward, Skip Reymann, Stan Brokl, Nash Williams, Jack Patzold, Gordon Crawford, Booth Hartley, Warren Apel, Sam Weaver, Jay Holladay, and Merv MacMedan in attendance, yet we were short a quorum. Skip requested the club fly the JAMSAT transponder on a West Coast Test Flight, probably in November, and that the pilot's expenses ($200 max) be covered if other help could not be found. Patzold agreed to undertake a telephone poll as time to get publicity out is limited. [N6NO]

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