SEPTEMBER MEETING: The Clipperton Connection

For many years the rarest country, the one at the top of most DX'ers "wanted" list, was Clipperton Island, an isolated French possession in the Pacific Ocean 1500 km southwest of Mexico. A successful expedition in March, 1978 resulted in eight days of operation by Swiss, French, and American hams. The venture netted 25,000 QSOS, and satisfied the thirst of DX'ers so well that Clipperton is now near the bottom of the "most wanted" list.

Don Bostrom, N6IC (of Hughes) was a member of that historic DXpedition, and he will be with us on September 12 to show his color slides and personally relate his experiences on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Don't miss it! Be there at 238-543, 12:00 Noon.

New Call for Old

September marks the first month of tenure for W6ABW, George Morris, our club's new president. Our ex-president, now on his way back east, is also an ex-N6WU. He answers now to AJ3A, and rumor has it that he seeks to foment disorder in whatever the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab is currently using for an amateur radio club.

Novice Course Results

This spring's Novice course has thus far yielded seven prospective hams who have taken both the code and theory exams and sent the results back to the FCC for processing. These seven are: Charles and Sandra Blanchard, Len Kushner, Dick Malm, Mike Pompa, Glenn Stewart, and Paul Williams. Informal checking shows that most have received their new Novice tickets and are eager to keep going. Meanwhile, there were a couple of others in the course who passed the code test but never filed the Form 610. C'mon folks, see John Walsh and get going!

International Phone Patch News

Sequel to N6NO's recent series of articles on third party traffic and phone patches: The governments of Colombia and Venezuela have recently prohibited the use of phone patches by amateurs of these countries. This brings the list of countries to three (including Mexico) to have taken this action. The official reason given is that amateur phone patch activity represents a threat to the financial success of the domestic telephone services.

New General Class Course

The club's education chairman, John Walsh, N6UK, is sponsoring a new General Class course as a sequel to the Novice course which was offered this past spring and summer. First meeting will be September 25th in Room 238-543 at 12:00 Noon. It is assumed that attendees will have a Novice or Technician ticket or, if technically proficient but unlicensed, will know the code at speeds of a few words per minute. Spread the word, and if you have questions, call John at x3303.

Minutes of August Board Meeting by Ron Zenone W6TUZ

A board meeting of the club was conducted on August 22, 1979 at 12:00 noon in 238-543. In attendance were N6WU, N6BF, WA6MYJ, W6ABW, WA6PEA and W6TUZ. The meeting was called to order by N6WU with a quorum present. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and an error noted that cost for the 220 MHz rig described in paragraph four should have been $299 plus shipping. With this correction the minutes were approved.

Jim Lumsden reported that the 220 MHz rig ordered did arrive but had to be returned for repairs because of poor performance. He also mentioned that it would be advisable to purchase an electronic keyer before the next code class begins in September. In this regard, a motion was carried to have Jim procure a keyer for no more than $100.

A Repeater Committee report was made by Walt Diem. A telephone line is expected to be obtained for the autopatch within the next month. Some design/fab activities associated with the autopatch still need to be completed.

Mike Griffin announced for Gil Yanow that the EVMA Electric Vehicle Road Rally will be held on October 31, 1979. Entries will race from Santa Barbara to Long Beach with Ventura and Santa Monica as checkpoints. Volunteers for the club to provide radio communications for the race are being sought by Gil.

It was mentioned by George Morris that the JPL Bike Club was going to have another bicycle race and that they would like to obtain Radio Club support. The board tacitly agreed to provide communications as it did for the last race.

Board members commended Mike Griffin (N6WU) for having contributed so much in effort/accomplishments to the club and for doing an exceptional job as our club president. Best wishes to Mike in pursuit of his career with the Applied Physics Laboratory at John Hopkins University!

Mike Griffin officially announced his resignation as club president and adjourned the meeting.

For Sale

Midland 13-509, Larsen Kul-Rod mag mount antenna, with crystals for 223.5, the club simplex, and APR, APS, and AZN. One year old, excellent condition. Call Merv MacMedan, x7264.

Athletes vs. M.S. -- 10 K Run at Dodger Stadium

The JPL Amateur Radio Club provided communications for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's "Athletes vs. M.S." 10 kilometer race around Dodger Stadium and surrounding streets on Sunday, 29 July 1979. All operators were on the scene by 7:30 A.M. and at their posts at 8:00 A.M. for the start of the race.

Jim Lumsden, WA6MYJ, and his handi-talkie stayed with the race director Chuck Lichter, as he roamed around Dodger Stadium. Jay Holladay, W6EJJ, used a Midland l3-5O9 and mag mount antenna on the pace car and provided information during the race on the progress of the leaders. George Morris, W6ABW, set up his 509 and Gel Cell battery at the announcer's table to act as net control and supply reports to the announcer for relay to the crowd sitting in the stadium bleachers. Jim Longthorne, WA6KPW, and his jeep mobile were positioned at mile one and later moved to mile five to report timing information. Rex Quinn, WD6EWN, and his van mobile were initially stationed at mile two and later swept around the course to check that everyone had completed the race.

Art Zygielbaum, WA6SAL, rigged up a high-powered walkie-talkie from a 509, a Gel Cell, and a coaxial antenna, all stuffed into an airline flight bag. Art manned the mile three checkpoint and the aid station. He got an unexpected workout when more runners showed up than planned, and he had to haul five-gallon water jugs for the aid station. Sam Weaver, WB6EMO, and his XYL were in their mobile at mile five, and she later took some group pictures of the operators.

The net operated on the WR6APS repeater, and provided timing information to the announcer, solved many logistics problems that came up during the race, and provided emergency communications to the paramedics near the close of the race when a youngster passed out due to heat or exhaustion. The paramedics were quickly guided to the scene, and everything turned out well.

The club received a nice letter of appreciation from the Multiple Sclerosis Society for our participation in the event. Several award pins were enclosed and will be presented to the participants at the September club meeting. (Tnx W6ABW)

ARRL Notes, by Jay Holladay, W6EJJ

The pre-registration deadline for the Southwestern Division Convention, to be held in Anaheim, is fast approaching. Avoid the lines and be eligible for the big pre-registration prize -- register by September 15.

If you have never attended a Division convention, plan on a visit to Anaheim. Manufacturers and dealers will have the latest new gear on display, with some good "convention specials" being offered. A full program of technical talks and operating/ public service presentations is planned. Featured speakers will include Wayne Overbeck, N6NB, with his talk on quads vs. yagis; Doug DeMaw, W1FB, manager of the ARRL Technical Department, speaking on his work with VMOS devices, and John Lindholm, W1XX, ARRL Communications Manager.

Bring the YL/XYL along -- the ladies program will feature talks of interest to both licensed and non-licensed YLs.

Full details on the convention are presented in a flier which accompanies my latest membership bulletin to all ARRL members in the Southwestern Division. The flier will be mailed in late August. Call me if you need more information, and CU at the Sheraton Anaheim Hotel, October 19-20-21....

Looking for a Novice course in the area? The Crescenta Valley Radio Club is sponsoring a Novice class on Tuesday evenings at the Crescenta/Canada YMCA, beginning 11 September 1979. For more information, call John Lyons, WA6WCZ, at 790-0761.

The new movie, The World of Amateur Radio, will be shown on KNBC, Channel 4, on Sunday, September 16 at 2:30 P.M. We also hope to have it available for showing at a club meeting in the near future.

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