Date: Wednesday, October 8, 1980
Time: 12:00 Noon
Place: 238-543


Our guest speaker will be Mr. Irwin Shulman, a specialist in nickel-cadmium batteries from section 342. He has been managing an RTOP that was responsible for a major breakthrough in developing a failure model for Nicad batteries. He will compare Nicads of the type we use in our radios with other types of batteries, show us how they are constructed and the manufacturing techniques used, provide guidelines for charging, discharging and storing and explain various idiosyncrasies such as reverse polarity, shorted cells and charge memory.

Learn more about your gear's batteries so you will be able to get the most enjoyment from it. Bring your questions and don't miss this one!

W6VIO Saturn. Encounter Commemorative Operations

by Dick Piety, K6SVP

As mentioned in last month's newsletter by Merv MacMedan, the JPL Amateur Radio Club will be on the air in the "commemorative mode" during the Saturn encounter and flyby. Operations are planned from October 31st at 4 pm (00 GMT, Nov. 1) to November 16th, 1980. The club has received worldwide attention in past commemoratives for our efforts in publicizing amateur radio and the space program and the many letters received strongly indicate the amateurs' appreciation for our efforts.

Elsewhere in this month's issue of "W6VlO Calling" is a Saturn encounter "I Volunteer" chart.

Please fill it out indicating your operating availability and return it to Merv MacMedan before October 13th.

As most of you know, much needed new equipment including beams, transceivers and a new Robot 400 slow scan converter on loan from Robot, is either "in house" or on order. This equipment will be in operation for the commemorative so come on and spend some time. Try it, you'll like it. In line with the above, just so no one will be lost, we are planning several orientation classes to familiarize everyone with the new equipment and also how to operate in a commemorative mode. Announcements will be made later as to the time and place of these classes.

The September Newsletter containing the commutative announcement was found to have a couple of errors. The 10-meter frequency should read 28680 and the Apollo 15 call sign was WP6JPL. Please feel free to give me a call at x2298 if you have any questions.


by Jim Lumsden, WA6MYJ

Dick Piety's prediction was right! We are down to the wire getting the new antenna farm installed for the Voyager I Saturn Commemorative. We need some help for two Saturday work parties as follows:

Date    Task Leader - Task
Oct. 4  J. Lumsden     New tower installation
        S. Sander      Rotor cable install.
        J. Kovatch     Vertical installation
Oct. 11 J. Lumsden     Beam installation
                       Guywire work on old
                       220 antenna install.

The following tasks need doing prior to Oct. 11 on an individual basis:

- Construction and installation of a battery box for the trailer.
- Installation of the antenna switching couplers at, and shielding of, the antenna patch panel.
- Procurement of several headsets suitable for communications work.
- Assembly of a KLM KT34XA beam with many parts.

The volunteer support so far has been pretty good. Please support the two work parties. There are many things that need doing. Contact Jim Lumsden, x6726.


Please take a moment to fill out your preferences for operating W6VlO on the "I VOLUNTEER" chart elsewhere in this issue. Note that there is a space for each hour of each day of the activity and the hours are local time (PST). Scheduling your time is accomplished by inserting a "S", "T", "C" or "F" in each space during which you want to operate. (The legend for these letters is on the chart.)

Remember that we have promised the world to be on the air during the shaded portions, so make sure you can donate some time to those portions first, followed by other hours that would be convenient for you.

If you cannot plan this far ahead but are willing to fill in "on call", check that box and return the chart. We will use the responses to form a list for notifying volunteers of training classes for both equipment operation and commemorative procedures that will be held during the latter two weeks of October.

Please send your "I VOLUNTEER" chart to Merv MacMedan 114129 by October 13! Thanks!

Editorial, by Stan Sander, N6MP

Support W6EJJ for SW Division Director

Jay Holladay, W6EJJ, our div. director, and trustee for our club station, W6VIO, is a candidate for re-election as Southwestern Division ARRL Director. This is a contested election and your support is needed. If you are an ARRL member you will receive a ballot approximately October 1. Be sure to return the ballot as soon as you receive it. Don't put it away and forget it--your vote counts!

In his term as Director, Jay has actively and vigorously pursued policies in the interests of SW Division members. Foremost among these is his mobilization of support from many areas in the fight against malicious interference by a small number of amateurs. As a result of his efforts, key members of the ham community, the FCC and the Congress are now working together on this important problem with encouraging results. Another of Jay's active interests is the important work of the ARRL Long-Range Planning Committee which is busy studying such issues as the implementation of WARC and the future makeup of the amateur population. In addition, Jay has been a consistent supporter of the Amateur Satellite Program which has greatly benefited by his association with NASA and the European space community.

You can help Jay in this election by talking to your amateur friends and speaking up at swap meets or other club meetings you attend. If you desire to help financially with the cost of mail advertising send your check made out to Dave Bell with a notation that it's "for Jay Holladay's re-election" to.'

Dave Bell
5700 Hill Oak Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90028.

Announcing The Long-Awaited JPL Amateur Radio Club Logo Contest!

Many of the ERC-sponsored Clubs at JPL have identifying logos. It's time that we did too. The club is involved in many activities that have tremendous public exposure, both within JPL and the community. Why not have a symbol that can be identified with the club?

Contest rules are given below. Winners will receive cash prizes. Good luck!

I. Purpose

The objective is to design a logo for the JPL Amateur Radio Club which can be used as a symbol representing the Club on its publications, QSL cards, newsletter masthead, etc. Style and form are completely up to the artist. However, the logo should somehow combine the two themes of amateur radio and JPL. The letters JPLARC or "JPL Radio Club" should be included.

II. Submissions

Submissions should be made on an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet. The drawing will be reduced in size for most applications so the lettering should be sufficiently large. Drawings may be in color, but should be limited to three colors excluding black. For most applications, a black-and-white version will be used.

Entries should be addressed to:

Stan Sander, N6MP
Editor, W6VIO Calling
M/S l83-6Ol
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 9llO3

and must be received no later than Friday, November 14, 1980.

To ensure impartiality, the name of the entrant should be placed on the drawing. To identify submissions, a random 5-digit number should be written on the back of the drawing. Accompanying each drawing should be an envelope containing the name and address of the artist as well as the 5-digit number. The envelopes will not be opened until after the judging.

Each entrant may submit as many drawings as he or she wishes. All drawings become the property of the Radio Club.

III. Eligibility

All members of the JPLARC and their immediate families are eligible. Members of the judging panel may not submit entries.

IV. Judging

Entries will be judged by a panel consisting of the Club President, Vice-President and newsletter editor. A winner and runner-up will be chosen. Only the entry of the winner will be used, however. The winner and runner-up will be notified by mail, and the winning drawings shown in the December, 1980 issue of W6VIO Calling. Final selection will be subject to the majority concurrence of the Board of Directors. The judging committee and the Board reserve the right to make minor changes in the winning drawing.

V. Prizes

The prizes shall consist of cash awards with $30 to the winner and $15 to the runner-up.

Minutes of Sept. Board Meeting by Ron Zenone, W6TUZ

Members attending the board meeting held on September 24, l980 included K6SVP, N6MP, WA6MYJ, N6AVW, WB6EMO, N6NO, K6GPK and W6TUZ. Warren Apel called the meeting to order and noted that a quorum was present. Minutes of the August board meeting were read and approved.

Jim Lumsden stated that a Kenwood TS-l30 HF transceiver has been ordered for the club station. Subsequent to last month's board meeting it was learned that for a small increase in cost a TS-l30 could be purchased in place of a TS-l20. A polling of the board members resulted in the board deciding to obtain greater hardware capabilities by procuring the TS-l30.

Committee Chairmen were requested by John McKinney to review the adequacy of l980 committee budgets that have already been submitted and approved. All anticipated changes in budgets should be discussed with N6AVW before the next board meeting.

It was reported by WA6MYJ that a large KLM triband beam has been ordered and is expected to arrive at JPL, shortly. Work parties are being planned for Oct. 4 and Oct. 11 for raising and adjusting the beam and for installing antenna rotor cabling. A flyer requesting help from the membership will be sent out shortly. In addition, Jim mentioned that two new vertical antennas have been installed.

A suggestion was made by Dick Piety that the club get started early in obtaining financial backing that is necessary to produce QSL cards for the upcoming commemorative operation. Since WA6MYJ will not be able to assume this responsibility as he did for the previous two commemorative, the board is looking for a volunteer. It was also mentioned by K6SVP that Robot is lending the club a 400 SSTV unit for the commemorative. Training and orientation sessions will be held at the club station for members that will be operators during the upcoming commemorative event.

Rules for the club logo contest were presented to the board by Stan Sander and discussed. Awarding prizes to the winner and to a runner-up, as suggested by N6MP, was thought by the board to be a great idea. Details concerning the contest will be published by Stan in the next issue of "W6VIO Calling."

An announcement was made by K6GPK regarding the club committing to provide radio communications at the 10 kilometer Mercury Run being conducted by the LA Athletic Club on October 19, l980. The marathon race will start in downtown Los Angeles and end inside the coliseum. Five club volunteers are needed for supporting the event. Following this announcement Warren adjourned the meeting.

JPL Amateur Radio Club Support for the Century Bike Event September 21, 1980 by Stan Brokl, N2YQ

This was the third year the Amateur Radio Club supported the JPL Bike Club-sponsored Century Event, a 100 mile bike marathon which took 62 bikers all day to complete. It started at the JPL visitor's parking lot at 7 am. The event took the bikers to Dawson Saddle (7901 feet above sea level), a grueling 50-mile ride up hill.

The Radio Club assignment was to insure communications in case of an emergency and also to keep the food and refreshment wagon informed as to the riders' progress.

This year the communications were entirely by simplex along the bike route with a link from Dawson Saddle via WR6AZN to the WR6APS repeater. Both 223.5 and 223.4 MHz simplex frequencies were used.

The participants were Rex Quinn, WD6EWN, taking the lead from JPL to Red Box. Ron Zenone, W6TUZ, took the lead from Red Box to Dawson Saddle. John Earnest, N6CTT, manned the fixed location at Red Box. He informed the food wagon of the oncoming bikers and supported the bottom part of the simplex circuit to Dawson Saddle. Bruce Beaudry, WD6HEZ, brought up the rear of the pack. Stan Brokl, N2YQ, established the fixed location at Dawson Saddle with the link to the WR6APS repeater. The club 7-element beam was pointed down the canyon and all mobile units were easily monitored throughout the day.

After the riders passed Red Box on the way up, John (N6CTT) moved on up to Dawson Saddle providing water and other assistance to bikers along the route. One rider broke a sprocket one mile from the top at Dawson Saddle and John brought him in.

Jim Lumsden, WA6MYJ, planned to check the bikers out at the La Canada city limits on the way back about 3 pm. However, the first riders completed the uphill portion in record time so Jim was called through the repeater link to start manning the bottom check point at 1:30 pm. The first rider was down the hill shortly thereafter.

Fortunately there were no emergencies. The Bike Club wants our support again next year. Everyone did an outstanding job. Additionally, it was demonstrated that the portable repeater is not required.

One biker (John, W6ZFR), not a member of the JPL Club, was 2 meter mobile. Stan (N2YQ) talked to him several times on his way up the hill. Our Booth Hartley, N6BH, made it all the way on his bike, having recovered from last years leg injury. Booth may have HT along next year so we can get progress reports.

Radio Club Offers License Prep Course

The JPL Amateur Radio Club plans to offer a series of classes for persons interested in getting started in amateur radio and for those who plan to upgrade their current licenses.

Classes will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning October 28 and continuing for twelve weeks with a two-week vacation at Christmas. Both theory and code practice will be included in each session. On-the-air training will be provided. JPL Radio Club members will administer novice examinations.

Training for advanced classes will include the material for the "new" tests. Training in advanced techniques will be provided and will include such techniques as slow-scan ATV, RTTY and the new digital systems.

For further information call Gordon Crawford, ext. 6521 or John Walsh, etc. 3303.

Mercury 10K Run Support Needed

The fourth annual Los Angeles Athletic Club Mercury 10K Run has been named a featured event in the year long Los Angeles City Bicentennial Celebration. The JPL Amateur Radio Club has been asked by the race director to provide communications. Volunteers are needed to assist in communications at the start and finish lines, in the press car, and at strategic points along the route (downtown L.A. to the Coliseum). Warren Apel, K6GPK, is organizing the effort and will welcome your support for the event that begins at 9 am on Sunday, October 19 from 7th and Olive. To participate, call Warren at x7733.

La Canada Evening Novice Class

The Crescenta Valley Radio Club will be sponsoring a free 12-week Amateur Radio Novice class starting at 7 pm on October 6 at the Lutheran Church of the Foothills, l700 Foothill Blvd., La Canada. For additional information contact Steve Brandt, WB6VVS, at 790-2666 or 828-6183.

San Fernando Valley Evening Novice Class

A ten-week Amateur Radio Novice class starts October 7 at 7 pm sponsored by L.A. Pierce College Community Services. Bill Stevens, W1WEX, will teach the class. You can contact Bill at 397-5765 days or 340-5096 evenings or contact L.A. Pierce College Community Services at 347-O55l ext. 40l.


George Morris, W6ABW, on passing the Amateur Extra exam (welcome to 14.0005 MHz!).

Connie Morris , KA6JAM, on passing the Technician exam (welcome to WR6APS!).

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