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Calendar of Events

January 6

[Fontana Swap Meet, A. B. Miller HS, Fontana}

January 10

General Meeting, Noon - 238-543

January 20

[CMRA Hamfest, Cal Poly, Pomona, 7 AM]

January 24

Board Meeting, Noon - 233-305J

January 27

[TRW Swap meet, Redondo Beach]

February 3

[Fontana Swap Meet, A. B. Miller HS, Fontana}

February 14

General Meeting, Noon - 238-543

February 17

[CMRA Hamfest, Cal Poly, Pomona, 7 AM]

February 24

[TRW Swap meet, Redondo Beach]

February 28

Board Meeting, Noon - 233-305J

March 3

[Fontana Swap Meet, A. B. Miller HS, Fontana}

March 14

General Meeting, Noon - 238-543

March 17

[CMRA Hamfest, Cal Poly, Pomona, 7 AM]

March 28

Board Meeting, Noon - 233-305J

March 31

[TRW Swap meet, Redondo Beach]


Meeting Notice

By Christopher Carson, KE6ABQ

The January General Meeting of the JPL Amateur Radio Club will be held at noon Wednesday, January 10th, 2001 in 238-543. 

This will also be the January Board Meeting.  On the agenda is the FY 2001 budget and ways to manage the projected shortfall.  This will include discussing what items to cut and/or alternate sources of income.  We need YOUR input! 

Also on the agenda, if time permits, will be a chance to see Yaesu’s new all-mode QRP offering, the FT-817. HF to 440, 5 watts max, “AA” batteries, all-mode – it’s quite a rig.  Bring your lunch if you like.    n


Prez’ Mix

By Bob Dengler, NO6B

Unfortunately my first bit of club news in the new Millennium is not good.  Our treasurer reported last month that the Emergency Communications account is not as large as we expected., so we’re going to have to revisit the budget to see what other funding sources can be identified.  Without replacement funding, some of our club projects may suffer a setback in 2001.  We will discuss this situation at our next meeting on Wednesday, January 10th at noon in 238-543, which will be a combined general and board meeting.  As always, feel free to bring your lunch.

Our club’s holiday dinner at El Torito restaurant was quite a hit.  It was good to see so many club members there.  Many thanks to Manny Caldera, KC6ZSY who organized the dinner meeting.  Between that and his food duties at Field Day, I think he’s earned the honorary position of official club chef!

Hey, did you know that the 16th LA Marathon is only two months away?  This event has become one of our club’s biggest public service activities, with over a dozen club members participating and two of our club repeaters and an APRS digipeater utilized to support communications.  If you would like to help with this event you can sign up at  The form currently says that it’s for the 2000 Marathon but hopefully the page will be updated soon.

Finally, since I’m now the Chairman of TASMA, the local 2-meter frequency coordinator, you’ll probably see me bringing TASMA membership applications to our club meetings.  Since our club has two 2-meter repeaters (more than most clubs), I think it’s important for YOU to participate in this organization.  TASMA has been suffering from a lack of interest for a couple of years now, as their meetings have been poorly attended.  Many complain about what they perceive as a poorly coordinated band, yet they don’t participate in the one organization that could make a difference in reducing interference between repeaters while at the same time making as much room as possible for everyone to enjoy the band.  Please consider joining and participating in TASMA this year - make it your New Millennium’s resolution!  73     n


December Meetings

By Jonathan Cameron, KF6RTA

Year End Banquet, December 7

This combined special Christmas Dinner meeting and general meeting was convened at the El Torito restaurant on Foothill Boulevard in east Pasadena.  The following people were present: Manuel Caldera (KC6ZSY), Jonathan and Janet Cameron (KF6RTA).  Chris Carson (KE6ABQ), Bob (NO6B), Melinda (N6OB), and Emily Dengler, Bob Dye (KK6B), Rick (KA6DAN) and Leona (KA6RHA) McKinney, Walter (K6DNS) and Diana (K6DNT) Mushagian, Jerry (KK6TS), Nancy (KF6EHF), and Nina Person, Bob and Judy Polansky (N6ET), Owen and Judy Robbins (KB6WYU), Mike Tope (W4EF).

After some time for conversation, drinks, and ordering, the dinner commenced at 7:30pm.  At 8:30pm, Bob Dengler called the official general meeting to order.  He gave thanks to Manny Caldera for arranging the dinner for us. 

The slate of officers for next year was presented: Bob Dengler for President, Chris Carson for Vice-President, Jonathan Cameron for Secretary, and Chuck Sarture for Treasurer.  Since there was no dissent and no competition, this slate of officers was voted in by acclamation. 

A motion was made, seconded, and passed to cancel the board of directors meeting for the month due to fact that very few members were likely to be at JPL on the day in question, December 27th.  Bob Polansky also took a moment to informally report on our success in the last field day.

Many thanks go to Manual Caldera who arranged the event for us.  The location was charming.  The restaurant staff were very attentive, the food was excellent, and the room was comfortable, quiet, and secluded from the rest of the building.  The menu that Manny and the restaurant staff arranged was excellent and featured several different entries.  The details of the menu were published in the December “W6VIO Calling”.  We also thank Manny for securing a $50 group discount by mentioning that we were from JPL.    n


DX News

By Bob Polansky, N6ET

The Club station, W6VIO, has been getting quite a workout at the hands of Mike tope, Rob Smith, and yours truly.  The 80 and 40 meter long path openings in the mornings have been real exciting with the station performing like a major contender on those bands.  In addition, 12 meters has yielded lots of new countries, even with the beam “stuck” on Europe.  Mike has provided labeling on the AL-82 linear, which has significantly simplified its tuning.

Serious consideration is being given to moving the shack to the building just to the north of the trailer, given that JPL will provide the needed “help” to retrofit the building as needed.  Time will tell.  Now for the DX news.

BANGLADESH - S21YD will try to operate from this remote QTH from 12 to 19 February.  He had planned an operation in January, but the weather didn’t cooperate.

BOUVET - 3YOC has been active on 160 through 10 meters and will be on site for the next four months.  That should take them off the high position they currently occupy on the “Most Wanted List”.

CYPRUS - Look for ZC4ESB, a new club station just appearing on the bands.  The two operators are avid contesters and should make ZC4 much more available to the ham world.

LIBYA - 5A1A, Abubaker, is currently the only station active from here.  Due to his activities, there is a strong possibility that other hams will soon be licensed to operate from this rare Zone 34 location.  Keep your fingers crossed!

MALAWI - 7Q7HB will be active from this African entity during the month of February.  Good luck!

NORTH KOREA - A P5 operation had been rumored as starting on 7 January.  I am sad to report that the North Korean Army has refused to support that activity.  Maybe next year.

That’s all for now.  Sorry for the short article, but my source material is not immediately available today.  Have a Happy New Year, and please leave some of the DX for me.    n


25 Years Ago in:

By Bill Wood, W6FXJ

The January 1976 edition of W6VIO Calling sported a new masthead and a new look with Merv MacMedan’s first issue as Editor.  Merv, W6IUV, also packed twenty articles into four close-typed pages, including, for the first time, Board of Directors meeting notes.

Newly elected club President Stan Brokl, K6YYQ, flexed his muscles by appointing 16 club members to different club positions for the new year.  Stan also announced plans to support a special event operation to celebrate the expected landing of the Viking spacecraft on the surface of Mars on July 4, 1976.

The Goldstone Amateur Radio Club was formed in January 1976 with Wes Weems, W6PVR, elected as President and Roland Bibeau, W6GFX, designated club Trustee.  Bill Wood, WB6FXJ, was designated by Stan Brokyl as Goldstone Liaison to the JPL ARC.

Editor Merv MacMedan included an article describing a unique linking repeater that allows amateurs in the San Gabriel Valley to communicate with the Upper Desert over the JPL ARC sponsored WR6AFX repeater located at the JPL Table Mountain Facility.

The January 1976 issue also included a plea for club members to get their $2 to club Treasurer Jim Lumsden to renew their membership for the year by the end of January.

The full January 1976 issue can be accessed at the following Internet address: ¾


Classified Section


Reliable Person to receive about 40 copies of “W6VIO Calling” each month to address and mail to retired and other off-lab club members.  Job involves applying club supplied adhesive address labels and postage stamps.  Takes only 30 minutes each a month.  Contact Bill Wood, W6FXJ, at 760-256-5529 or for details.

Your want-ad or article for inclusion in a future issue of W6VIO Calling.  Submit to Bill Wood, W6FXJ, 31094 Hemlock Ave, Barstow, CA 92311; or email

For Sale:

Radio Shack (Realistic) PRO-2021 Scanner.  200 Channels.  30-512 MHz.  AC powered Desktop Scanner.  Excellent condition. $75.00 Contact Bill Westphal WB6YPF at 213-787-9991 or

Uniden Bearcat BC-760XLT Scanner.  100 Channels.  Covers 800 MHz band.  Preprogrammed police, fire, marine, weather.  12 VDC powered Desktop or Mobile.  Comes with AC-DC Converter, Telescopic whip antenna, Suction cup window antenna and mobile mounting hardware.  Excellent condition $100.00 Contact Bill Westphal WB6YPF at 213-787-9991 or

Cushcraft ARX2B Ringo Ranger II 2 Meter antenna.  Good condition.  $35.00Contact Bill Westphal WB6YPF at 213-787-9991 or

QST 1990-1994 CD-ROM set, new.  $25 (ARRL price $39.95) Skip, W7NWY, 818-354-9674

US Tower (MA40) 40 foot tubular telescoping tower, hinged base, 2 co-ax arms, mast extension, Hy-gain Explorer-14 beam antenna with 40 meter dipole add-on, and Hy-Gain antenna rotator (Ham IV).  Original cost, less tax, was over $2200.  Sell all for $800.  Contact Ron Zenone (W6TUZ) at (626) 914-5585.   

Icom UT-40 Tone Squelch Option Board (CTCSS) for HT models 2GAT, 4GAT, 12GAT, 32AT or for mobiles 228, 448, 901, 1201, 2400 and 2500.  Cost: $80 (AES Catalog)  Sale for $40.  Radio Shack, Rotor/Controller and Cable, 3 years old, never used, have box/papers, like new. Cost: $70+  Sale for $50.  Scott Nolte, N6CUV 818-354-9724 n


Newsletter Deadline:

Friday, February 2 for the February issue of W6VIO Calling.  Your articles, ads, photos, diagrams, letters to the editor, or technical material should be submitted to the editor via email ( or regular mail to: Bill Wood, 31094 Hemlock Ave, Barstow, CA 92311.

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Posted January 4, 2001