Club Station

The club station is located in Building 329, in the north east part of the Lab. Once a member has been checked out on the equipment in the “shack” a key will be issued which will allow the member to enter the shack at any time to utilize the club’s equipment.

HF Operating Positions

The club station has several HF operating positions. Each has a transceiver with capabilities that range from very simple to relatively complex. Each has a linear amplifier that can provide kilowatt-level output. All stations are capable of feeding any antenna on the Club’s antenna farm that is located a thousand feet above the ham shack on a hilltop. The antenna farm consists of three rotary beam antennas and a variety of wire antennas for the lower frequency bands. One of the three stations is very easy to use and provides the new “ham” a way to get on the air quickly.

VHF/UHF Operating Position

The club has a 144/224/450 MHz tri-band transceiver connected to a 12 VDC power buss that will allow operation through the club’s repeaters even in the event of a power failure. The 12 VDC buss is supplied by a high-capacity battery that is in turn charged by a solar array.


The club currently has four operational repeaters located at or near the Laboratory. The repeaters are located on the 145/220/450 MHz bands. All may be linked together, enabling users to talk between bands. All of the other repeaters are “open” and are available for any licensed amateur to use.

The club operates three additional repeaters at the JPL Table Mountain Facility, near Wrightwood, California. Please see the club’s Repeater Guide for more information regarding all club repeaters.