The JPL Amateur Radio Club is open to employees and contractors working at all Jet Propulsion Laboratory facilities including the Deep Space Communications Complexes in Australia, Spain and Goldstone California.  Family members of club members can also join using the same application form as for the JPL-associated member.  A limited number of outside members are permitted if they can make a positive contribution to the club.   For more details of who can become a member, see Article 3 of the club by-laws.

How To Become A Member

Fill out the JPL ARC membership form and pay your dues!

Contact the current club secretary for more information on how to become a member of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Amateur Radio Club. Note: if you are NOT an active JPL employee or contractor, you will need to sign the waiver on the second page of the application form. Per the JPL ARC Bylaws, dues are payable by the end of January each year.

ARRL Membership

If you intend to become an ARRL member or renew your ARRL membership, please consider doing it through the club so we can get some “kickbacks” to help fund our club activities.  Please see this page for the procedure.

We look forward to having you as a member and hope to see YOU at one of our meetings in the future!