The JPL ARC operates several voice repeaters near the Pasadena and Wrightwood facilities in Southern California. These repeaters serve two main purposes. The primary role is to provide a emergency capability in the event of a man-made or natural disaster that prevents normal communications between the NASA Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex, the Table Mountain Facility and the operations center in Pasadena.The repeater system is kept in good operating condition by making the equipment available for routine communications by licensed radio amateurs in the Los Angeles and Mojave Desert area whenever it is not used for emergency purposes. All three WR6AZN repeaters can be interlinked in any fashion as desired by the control operators for special events.

JPL ARC Repeaters

All our repeaters are open.


Station Frequency Offset PL
WR6JPL 147.15 MHz (+) DCS-365 / PL 100.0
WR6JPL 224.08 MHz (-) PL 156.7
WR6JPL 224.70 MHz (-) PL 114.8
WR6JPL 445.20 MHz (-) PL 103.5 *
  • Note: DCS was removed from this channel on November 1, 2018 due to technical issues..

For a little history of these Los Angeles basin repeaters, visit this page.

Table Mountain:

Station Frequency Offset PL
WR6AZN 145.28 MHz (-) PL 131.8
WR6AZN 223.96 MHz (-) PL 156.7
WR6AZN 447.20 MHz (-) PL 94.8

Public Control Codes

For DTMF control codes, please visit the control codes page.

More Information about the Table Mountain Site

For more information (and pictures) about the Table Mountain Repeater System, visit this page for a description from an article from the May 1995 issue of the W6VIO Calling Newsletter.

Other Repeaters in Southern California

For an up-to-date listing of repeaters in Southern California, check out the club’s repeater list on the web –, complete with search & filter capability.