Membership in the JPL ARC is open to all persons regularly assigned to work at or retired from JPL, the Deep Space Network, or Caltech, and their families. A limited number of outside members are permitted if they can make a positive contribution to the club.  Please see the Membership page for details.


The location of General Membership meetings is announced in prior W6VIO calling issues. A program of interest to Radio Amateurs follows a brief business session. All are welcome to attend both on lab and off lab.  For more details about our club meetings, please see the Meetings page.

World Wide Web Site

The club maintains a series of web pages that contain information about upcoming club and non-club events in Southern California, an on-line version of the newsletter “W6VIO Calling” (including archival copies of past newsletters), a listing of club members with electronic mail addresses, information about club repeaters, packet radio operations, and archives of past club special event QSL cards. As with most web pages the content is updated from time-to-time. The URL for the home page is: https://jplarc.org

Club Newsletter and Notices

A club newsletter, “W6VIO Calling,” is published every month and sent to all members to keep them informed about club business, plans and general information about Amateur Radio. Current club officers, license trustees and committee chairs are listed each month on the cover of “W6VIO Calling.” The club also maintains an email mailing list to keep members informed of late-breaking developments.

Training and Licensing

Novice and Technician (No Code) classes are scheduled from time to time. Upgrade classes are scheduled on an “on-demand” basis. License examinations are coordinated through a local Volunteer Examiner (VE) organization and by a group of club members who are VE’s. Watch for exam opportunities in “W6VIO Calling”.