ARRL Membership

The JPL Amateur Radio Club is officially affiliated with ARRL.  Therefore renewing your ARRL membership through the club generates $2 commission which we deposit into the club’s general fund. We also get $15 commission for new ARRL members, so if you are not a member (or your membership has lapsed for > 2 years), please consider signing up through the club to help us generate revenue for future growth and events!

Here’s how to renew or (re)join ARRL through JPL ARC…

  1. Fill out the first page of this form: ARRL Affiliated Club Membership Application (1/4/2018 version)
  2. Send the completed form and either $2 for a membership renewal or $15 for a new membership to the club secretary. Per the form, the club takes the $2 or $15 commission directly, and you pay ARRL the difference. For example, for a 1-year renewal of $49, you send $2 to the club, and pay ARRL the difference of $47.
  3. We will then mail your completed form along with a club commission reconciliation form for you stating that we (rightfully) claimed our commission.  We then take the commission money to club treasurer to deposit into the club’s bank account.
  4. Once processed, ARRL typically sends membership renewal notifications if you have registered your email with them. Alternatively, you can also check the status on the website by logging in with your callsign and member number, then navigate to Membership->Membership Certificate and check the expiration date.